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6 min readMay 31, 2022


Now that another big month is all wrapped up, may we move on to the next big one? You know we will because we are Forward Protocol, and we are committed to moving forward.

May brought many good memories for us, our community, and our partners, but we can’t stay too long in the same position. That’s when weed starts to grow around your feet. The other alternative is to continue to progress and tick off milestones while getting closer to our ultimate goal.

Before we jet off into the moon, let’s look at the highlights of May together.

Technical Updates

We made significant technical progress throughout May, with our development team giving us great news throughout the month. We had the pleasure to make huge announcements on our progress on the Proof of Ownership (PoO) smart contract.

  • Our Proof of Ownership child (PoO) smart contract that functions on ERC721 and ERC1155 standards is now complete.
  • The first version of our PoO will be EVM-based, with RUST-based support included in later versions.
  • The bulk minting feature on the PoO Forward Factory is now ready to switch between single mint and bulk mint functionality seamlessly.
  • Forward smart contracts can now be deployed in any EVM and RUST compatible blockchains.
  • We are currently testing our PoO smart contract in EVM chains such as Reef, Polygon, KCC, OKC, HSC, Neon, Scallop, Skale, and Metis.
  • We completed our metadata mapping on form-builder and PoO application to export as API using OpenZeppelin Defender.
  • Our development team gave the green light on our gasless minting function. Our users now have the infrastructure to move their assets to the blockchain without paying minting fees.
  • We now have permissioned access to integrated web pages for NFT and digital asset holders.


Forward Protocol does not compete with anyone. We collaborate with everyone to make the blockchain adoption vision come true. Throughout May, we added new partners to our mission.

  • We finalized our partnership arrangement with AirLyft, a project dedicated to providing growth and development advisory services within the blockchain industry.
  • Forward Protocol also made monumental progress through our partnership with Unique Things MetaMarket.
  • As our IVO event draws closer, we are putting all the final pieces in place to ensure we outdo our success with our token sale events in December. Our integration with Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function will allow us to leverage Chainlink’s industry-leading random number generator (RNG) solution to ensure transparency and fairness in assigning allowlist slots in our upcoming IVO event.
  • We also had the unique pleasure of becoming part of the Cosmos Ecosystem. Cosmos is an ever-expanding ecosystem of interconnected apps and services, building towards a decentralized future.
  • Our Cookie3 partnership also got us further on the road to mass blockchain adoption.
  • NestFi also caught the Forward Protocol bug, joining us on the road to global mass adoption. Catch all the information about our NestFi partnership in this Medium announcement.

Our partners share our vision, and we enjoy working together because that is the Forward Protocol way. We compete with nobody and collaborate with everybody to make this vision come true.

Web3 Masterminds and Innovators Working Together

Our Web3 Masterminds series continued throughout May, adding to our growing list of illustrious guests. This month, we hosted -

When we were not announcing partnerships, we were networking with old partners and meeting new friends to progress our vision.

Our Co-founder, Mitch Rankin, met like-minded innovators Gideon Greaves (Managing Director, Africa of CV VC), David Gan (Founder and General Partner of OP Crypto), and Ran Neuner (Co-founder and CEO of Onchain Capital).

Mitch Rankin, was in esteemed company at the CV VC Africa and Luno event with Brenton Naicker (Director of Capital Formation and Acceleration of CV VC Africa), Gideon Greaves (MD of CV VC Africa), Ian Putter (Head Blockchain COE of Standard Bank), Carin Bowman (Senior Product Manager of Luno Global) and Caitlin Nash.

Forward Protocol has two excellent co-founders who put in the work to get us to where we need to be. Mr. KEY also got busy, making stops in all the right spots, making our case, and helping the blockchain cause — the Forward Protocol way. How many masterminds can you recognize in this picture collage?

Our Co-founder, Mr. KEY, was at Latokens’ Web3 rooftop event as a guest speaker, where the blockchain masterminds of Dubai share innovative ideas and insightful stories.

Mr. KEY was also at the Mindrock event — “Human Evolution in the Era of Deeptech.” He was there, moderating a panel discussing “Why Investing in Biotechnological Startups is Becoming a Trend.”

So far, our open collaboration policy has worked for us, and our masterminds have the best things to say about us! Throughout May, we got plaudits from partners, investors, and collaborators, and we are riding the wave of good reviews to our ultimate goal.

Blockchain Education on Medium and Twitter

Forward Protocol’s Medium page remains the place to get the latest project updates and freshest blockchain perspectives. Throughout May, we published new articles to let us in on our dreams and carry you along on this mission.

We also published super amazing threads on our Twitter page. Which one stayed with you the longest?

There you have it — all the best bits from May, done and dusted. Progression feels good, and it’s even better when you have an awesome community. The Forward Protocol team won’t take its foot off the gas. All we can say now is, “What a month!”

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