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Blockchain technology has enjoyed growing popularity in different industries and spheres, but it enjoys a special relationship with retail investors and private speculators. This unique relationship could be a result of similarities between both entities. Both blockchain and retail investors emerged in deference to state-backed and institutionalized systems, and they have enjoyed success against all the odds stacked against them. Retail investors have favored participating in the blockchain space and cryptocurrency trading because of the market’s transparency and accessibility.

While the blockchain has recently attracted institutional investors’ attention, retail investors were the earliest to the crypto scene and inspired bull runs that have attracted mainstream attention. Even with the recent influx of institutional and state funds into the blockchain space, retail investors still maintain their influence on the open market.

Retail investors — The Darling of the Decentralized Economy

‘Retail investor’ is an umbrella definition that applies to a broad range of non-professional investors. They are not attached to standardized investment groups such as banks, mutual funds, pension funds, etc. Retail investors typically trade with smaller capital and resources and employ more flexible investment strategies. While their trading habits differ from institutional investors, their influence on the market is evident in any market data analysis.

The success of Forward Protocol and any other blockchain innovation depends on how it is perceived by retail investors and how they relate to it. However, we are confident of a mutualistic relationship between Forward Protocol, its native token ($FORWARD), and our ‘non-professional’ market speculators.

Forward Protocol and Retail Investors

The team is confident of the potential for a fruitful relationship between Forward Protocol and retail investors. Well, here’s why:

Forward’s Fundamentals

Different investors have various investment strategies that work with varying degrees of success. However, the most successful strategy typically involves diligent research and fundamental analysis. So, let’s talk fundamentals!

Warren Buffet invested $1 billion in Coca-Cola stocks in 1988 because of the fundamentals. He was confident that none of the competition could knock it off its perch, and he was right. Per his prediction, Coca-Cola has absorbed everyone else to become probably the greatest brand in the beverage industry. Now that we have established context, we can go back to discussing Forward Protocol.

Forward Protocol provides the framework for any individual, company, platform, or any entity to easily implement blockchain functions into their systems. This utility is a timely response to the increasing demand for blockchain products and services. However, Forward Protocol offers the ultimate solution to resolve blockchain adoption and support other solutions through its core contracts and applications. No one else provides the service that Forward Protocol does. Competition is non-existent. Instead, it provides the potential for fruitful collaborations and partnerships.

Forward Protocol also benefits from the expertise and experience of a diverse development team, partners, and investors working to achieve the same goal. They maintain active and responsive communication outlets through their social media channels. The project grows stronger, building the networks and connections required for global impacts. Catch a recap of all the progress the project made in 2021 here.

These are the basis of the fundamental analysis that retail investors need to verify before interacting with any project and its native token. The qualitative and quantitative indications look positive for Forward Protocol.

The Forward Ecosystem

Retail investors account for a substantial portion of the P2P trading volume. The Forward ecosystem comprises a suite of smart contracts, products, and services that make blockchain adoption easy and rewarding. This service includes providing applications to make blockchain transactions efficient and straightforward. The retail investor has fewer resources and cannot afford to send payments at exorbitant fees or settle for slower transaction completion times.

Forward Protocol positions itself in the sweet spot between valuable and rewarding. Using your Forward ID to send, receive, or stake $FORWARD and $FUSD from your Forward Pay wallet is a regular Tuesday. The ease of transaction levels the playing field for every user class, and our retail investors relish a fair fight!

Long-term Holding Potential

Retail investors don’t stay long in positions. You don’t want to be the one holding the bag when the music stops. Every retail investor has had experiences like these in the past. However, once in a while, some tokens emerge with year-round utility and perennial demand. $FORWARD is the utility token of Forward Protocol. It powers and rewards the activities on deploying platforms.

$FORWARD has a finite supply. Year-round, users will come for the $FORWARD that you hold, and that is the perfect position for a retail investor. The financial incentive for holding $FORWARD is inherent in Forward Protocol’s value, and it’s already looking irresistible.

Retail Investors are Welcome

Forward Protocol brings a blockchain solution that works for everyone in the blockchain ecosystem. It makes participation irresistible for every class of users. Its utility token is also an attractive acquisition for blockchain participants invested in profits and portfolio growth.

This is Forward Protocol’s version of the blockchain, and we say, “retail investors are welcome!”

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