Forward Protocol Monthly Review — October

Forward Protocol
4 min readOct 31, 2022

The Forward Protocol project is committed to progress, and sustainable growth within the blockchain space is only achievable by committing to the development process through bull and bear periods.

October was a great time for our project. It was a month filled with big updates, landmark achievements, and motivation from past achievements. So, while we continue to build in the present, we look at our progress over the last month to commend the Forwardians that contributed to our journey and lay the path for future progress.

Technical Updates

Forwardians have one thing in common — our commitment to the Forward vision. Our ecosystem is vast, and our growth is sustained by the diversity of opportunities our technology offers every ecosystem participant.

We dedicated October to working out the details of our core smart contracts — Proof of Ownership (PoO). Check out the report of the latest synopsis of our PoO smart contract.

The blockchain offers limitless possibilities, and our vision is to provide access to the opportunities within this space. Our mission requires long-term commitment, which was what we did throughout Q3 2022. Check out the Forward Protocol progress update for Q3 2022 here.

Forward Partnerships

Forward Protocol does not compete with anyone. We collaborate with everyone to make the blockchain adoption vision straightforward and rewarding.

Our mission connects every blockchain innovation into a super on-chain ecosystem that is accessible and rewarding to use. October offered unique opportunities to finalize and announce new partnership arrangements with forward-thinking partners to join our mission.

Our October partnerships -

Forward Masterminds

The Forward Protocol project is bigger than any single person or project. We are building for the blockchain, and our mission does not exclude anyone that shares our vision. But then, even global movements need ambassadors, and we have the perfect representation through our co-founders.

Our Co-founder, Mitch Rankin, was at the CV Summit in Zug, Switzerland. He represented the Forward Protocol project and our vision to the leading innovators, investors, and founders in DeFi and the blockchain community.

Mr. KEY gave us his unique insights into DeFi innovations.

Blasts from the Past

In October, we threw it back to some of the best blockchain conversations on record. We reviewed two episodes of our Web3 Masterminds series -

  • Mitch received Julian Kwan, the Co-Founder and CEO of IX Swap. Watch the full episode here.
  • Mitch was also in the company of Anton Anhammer, the Director of Marketing of Reality Cards. Catch the recap here.

Forward Protocol has come a long way. Our past successes keep us motivated for the road ahead, while the affirmations from our partners help us know that we are on the right path.

The Forward Protocol vision continues to grow. Join us as we build the future of the blockchain together.

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