Forward Protocol Q3 2022 Review

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6 min readOct 7, 2022

Great performances deserve kick-ass closers, just as good quarters deserve kick-ass quarterly reviews. Nobody delivers better performances than Forward Protocol, and we definitely love excellent closing acts too.

The third quarter of 2022 was a great time to be Forward Protocol, even though we officially entered the crypto winter (If you didn’t know before, the bear market is now formally acknowledged). Bear periods are trying times, but they also present learning and development opportunities you don’t get when everything goes according to plan.

Q3 2022 was good, and it only shows that you can’t keep a solid project down. Forward Protocol continues to build, and we continue to inch closer to delivering the ultimate blockchain adoption solution.

Putting the Masterminds to Work

Forward Protocol does not compete with anybody; we collaborate to make the blockchain irresistible. We cracked the code to make the blockchain work for everyone, even during bear periods, and it is by connecting masterminds in the face of the crypto winter.

We received motivation and validation from the masterminds that inspire us to achieve new levels for the blockchain together.

Our masterminds also continued to build solid foundations to support the next evolution of the blockchain and Web3 spaces.

  • Mitch Rankin turned up in style at the FTX Africa event to connect with Bilal Adam, Brenton Naicker, and Noluthando Khulukazi Mashologu. Here are some of the highlights.
  • He also joined an AMA session with Alpha Guilty to interact with their team and the general blockchain community. Find the full recording of the AMA session here.
  • Mitch Rankin was at an exclusive event with CV VC and Jerome Vanderbecken’s ADMCS group. He was with Chandler de Kock (Astaria), Michael Jordan (Polygon), Nick French (Gameout), and Milan Jandik (Sea Foundation).
  • Mr. KEY was at the MetaWeek event to share his unique insights on the metaverse and the future of Web3.

Blockchain Education Content

Blockchain, DeFi, Web3 — Forward Protocol makes everything work through Forward Factory, where we provide everything it takes to facilitate easy integration of blockchain technology.

We dedicated Q3 to creating insightful content to educate the blockchain space and community members about our innovation’s unique opportunities. Forward Protocol creates the ultimate Web3 experience, and our Medium article outlines all the criteria our innovation meets to make this happen.

Our other published contents were -

Project Updates and Technical Progress

Our team dedicated Q3 to recording new milestone achievements for the Forward Protocol project. We continued smoothing out the edges of the ultimate blockchain adoption solution and expanding our community through strategic partnerships and collaborations.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Technical Updates

Collaborations and Ecosystem Development

We also connected with innovative ecosystems that share our vision for the blockchain.

With a community like ours, partners committed to our common goals, and a core team dedicated to our ultimate vision, the only way is forward. The blockchain moves forward when innovations complement each other, and we truly believe this! The future is exciting, and you can only see it when you look forward.

Follow our social channels to stay up to date with the latest developments. Community members are welcome to check out our Litepaper and Whitepaper for details of our vision and mission to revolutionize value-driven ecosystems globally.

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