Forward Protocol Progress Report

Web 3.0 Masterminds

Our week came to life when our Web 3.0 Masterminds Live Talk Show went live on Monday, and this week could not have gotten off to a better start than in the company of Franklin Peters from our partners, BoundlessPay. You can catch a full recap of the show here.

Global partnerships

The Forward Protocol vision is growing bigger, and our partners reflect our ambitions and share our vision. This week, we crossed new milestones with our old partners and knocked down age-old barriers with new partners.

The Forward Protocol vision soars in Dubai

Dubai came alive this week, and Forward Protocol took center stage! We had a week to remember, and we could not get through the highlights without sparing some accolades for our representative (aka our Co-founder), Mr. KEY. He’s popular among crypto enthusiasts, metaverse geniuses, NFT creators, and Web3 innovators. Thanks to him, our Dubai selfie gallery had new entries. Let’s see if you can spot Walabiz from 1Inch Network.

A Community to be proud of

With a global vision comes an international community, and Forward Protocol has developed a community that keeps us ticking. We feel the positive energy in our global communities, and we also hear your demands for local communities to connect with people in your region.



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Forward Protocol

Forward Protocol

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