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5 min readJul 14, 2022

Let’s be honest, self-reviews are never entirely objective because you are probably your biggest fan. You have the best seat in the house, with access to privy information that people on the outside may never see. It is also the ultimate subjective test of your faith in your invention, with the emphasis on ‘subjectivity.’

Now that we’ve acknowledged and gotten over the nuances of the absence of objectivity in a self-review in the intro, let’s get to it!

Forward Protocol Relative to the Blockchain — One Year Ago

A lot of things can happen within a year. It is almost impossible to even try to predict how the next 365 days will progress. There is an infinite amount of possibilities, and a subtle change in timing could change the course of the future forever.

It is almost as if the future is unpredictable, but we already know it is. At best, we may say it is uncertain, and that is because empirical evidence shows that your actions in the present have a significant role in the eventuality of future events. It is not the foolproof pseudo-science of fortune-telling (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Still, it is further along the scientific process spectrum, where analysts can use events from the past and present to predict the future.

Circa one year ago, we published this masterpiece on our Medium channel. It was relatively early on our journey to bring the blockchain to everyone, everywhere in the world. Since then, much has changed in the world, not just the blockchain — some of these events, no one could have seen them coming. We were not immune to the highs and the lows, but in hindsight, we can say we handled them pretty well.

One year ago, Bitcoin hovered around the $30k to $35k mark. If you looked further back from that reference point, it was down from the previous ATH levels, and the outlook was pretty bleak. The cynics announced the commencement of a bear market, but that proved to be premature. We soon hit all-time highs, and the crypto market proved its indomitability for the millionth time. Throughout those periods, our message never changed, and our commitment to BUIDL never wavered.

Around the same time, Blockchain Wire ran an independent review of our protocol. It was nice to see that we also come out in third-party reviews. It gave us perspective on our position within the blockchain at the time, and now, it serves as an excellent reference point to measure our progress over the last year. There have been many more reviews since then, and we have come out feeling even more confident from the results.

That brings us to today.

Forward Protocol Today

The present is usually not nearly as interesting as looking at the past, and it doesn’t hold up to the wonder of the future. However, our philosophy at Forward Protocol is pretty simple — make the best of the present because you are already in the good old days and not stall on making lasting memories. That’s what we are doing now — kicking it with the best!

So much has changed over one year. There’s no doubting it now, we are in the middle of a bear season. Token prices are in the red, and global economies are in the gutters. On the sunny side, we’ve doubled our Twitter follower count over the last year.

Forward Protocol has evolved from a solution to improve education systems to improving whole value exchange ecosystems globally. We are doing pretty good on our new-ish mission. Just this week, we had Kamalakannan Venkatraman, the Co-Founder of AME Chain, joined us for the latest installment of our popular Web3 Mastermind live talk show on Cryptopolitan. We also announced our partnership with dApp Play Store — kicking it with the best!

In retrospect, we’ve handled the evolution of the blockchain over the last year pretty well, and we found our place. Forward Protocol is working with innovators and innovations to build the future of the blockchain. Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a review of the current state of Forward Protocol by Mario Nawfal, the CEO of NFT Technologies, in the company of Tony and Martin. Like we said, kicking it with the best!

Forward Protocol in One Year

As far as star alignments go, they all came together this week as we spent a lot of time reviewing our progress. If we learned one thing from our monthly or quarterly review, it was that Forward Protocol never stops.

The future looks cool for Forward Protocol, and we have many reasons to be optimistic. Our IVO token sale round is coming, and it’s got us excited. Our developers are working overtime to deliver the remaining core aspects of Forward Factory; that’s another positive update to look out for one year from now. And as far as building for the future goes, our fundraising solution through tokenization is the stuff of the future.

One year from today, the price of Bitcoin could be anywhere along the spectrum of higher or lower relative to current prices. The global economy might be in a better place, or we’ll have learned to skip a meal every once in a while. One thing we know for sure is that Forward Protocol will be in a better place, and you can take that to the bank!

When have we ever let you down?

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