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11 min readApr 14, 2022

Progress is continuous, and success is the product of consistent progress. The Forward Protocol vision is driven by a commitment to constant progress and milestone achievements. We set the standard with the success of our token sale events at the end of 2021, reaching 29.2 million DAO locked from 4,000 participants. We also raised $100,000 from 812 wallets during our IBO on MahaStarter. The first quarter of 2022 was big, and we rose to the challenge. We got to work like never before, and as the saying goes, “Time flies when you do what you love.”

We had lofty expectations for Q1 2022, and as March winds down, we look back at our achievements over the last three months. Where do we even start?

TL;DR Breakdown

  • 35+ new partners in Q1 2022
  • 20+ blockchain events attended
  • 5+ guest speaker appearances and forum invitations
  • 20+ live blockchain discussion shows hosted
  • 10 new videos in the Web3 education series
  • 5 new local Telegram communities launched
  • 10+ new tech team members
  • 7+ new products completed and ready to use

Project Development

Forward Protocol is going places, and our progress makes a strong case. We made huge strides towards achieving our vision of the ultimate blockchain adoption toolkit. The list of milestones for Q1 2022 is inexhaustible. So, here goes…

Integrations, partnerships, and collaborations

We developed our project through additions and meaningful interactions with leading blockchain figures to consolidate our progress. Our core development teams got to work on finalizing the product, delivering working prototypes of our smart contracts, and auditing every product and service provided within Forward Factory.

We also implemented our KYC verification process for our upcoming final token sale event — the IVO round. Our IVO round will be the first live demonstration of our IVO smart contract. You don’t want to miss that one. Did you know that GoForward is gasless?

Our partners have been a huge part of our success story. We collaborate with those that share our vision for the development and adoption of the blockchain. Our partners have contributed to our growth, and we are impressed with everybody that has joined us on this journey. An ovation is in order -

Although we can’t say too much about them now, we still have more than 20 confirmed partnerships to be announced that will help us achieve our ultimate vision.

Forward Protocol in the spotlight

Forward Protocol enjoyed many highlights in Q1 2022, and we savored these moments. Mr. KEY moved to Dubai to be closer to the action, and it proved an inspired decision. With a physical representative on the ground, we significantly impacted the blockchain industry and enhanced our reputation. Mr. KEY attended the biggest blockchain events in Dubai, and we were also treated to many guest speaker appearances.

Dubai has been amazing, and we’ll always cherish our memories and the relics of the fun times we had.

We also celebrated many personal wins and collective milestone achievements.

AMAs, Blockchain Insights, and Education Campaigns

Blockchain technology has the potential to impact global systems and improve the efficiency of traditional processes. However, unless the average person knows it, understands it, and can use it, it will continue to fall short of its full potential.

Our co-founders have been on a blockchain and Web3 education campaign to promote these revolutionary technologies. Our educational series racked up new episodes, thanks to the dedicated efforts of our Forward crew.

Mitch Rankin explains Web3 and Forward Protocol’s role in this new and exciting iteration of blockchain technology in his Toolkits for Web3 and Web3 Explained series.

Toolkits for Web3

How Forward Protocol’s Proof of Ownership (PoO) smart contract works

Web3 Explained

Ep 1 — How Forward fits in

Ep 2 — What is Web3?

Ep 3 — Understanding Web3 Technology

Ep 4 — How Web3 evolved from Web1

Ep 5 — Web3 Technicals, decentralization, and publicization

Ep 6 — Web1, Web2 and Web3 — The differences

Ep 7 — Blockchain wallets

Ep 8 — Decentralization

Forward After Hours

SE01E01: Live Session with Co-Founders KEY and Mitch Rankin

SE01E02: Live Session with Co-Founders KEY and Mitch Rankin

SE01E03: Live Session with Co-Founders KEY and Mitch Rankin

SE01E04: Live Session with Co-Founders KEY and Mitch Rankin + Special Guests

SE01E05: Live Session with Co-Founders KEY & Mitch Rankin + Mic Mann, Co-founder of Singularity University South Africa

SE02E01: Live Session with Co-Founders Mr.Key & Mitch Rankin + Taranveer Sabharwal, President of Cambridge Blockchain Society

SE02E02: Live Session with Co-Founders Mr.Key & Mitch Rankin + Navid Moosa of Agenteur

Our consistent progress throughout Q1 2022 also helped our influence in the blockchain industry. Forward Protocol took centerstage in significant blockchain events, and our representatives sat at the table with leading blockchain figures, personalities and projects.

Web3 Masterminds

We kicked off our Web3 Masterminds series, hosted on Cryptopolitan and live-streamed across all Forward Protocol and Cryptopolitan social media channels. Every episode is another opportunity to catch up with the most exciting minds and visionaries in the blockchain space.

Web3 Masterminds Ep 1 — with Jeremy Dela Rosa, Co-founder of Leyline

Web3 Masterminds Ep 2 — with John Chen, President & Joel Bergeron, Strategic Partnerships & Business Development for Umbrella Network

Web3 Masterminds Ep 3 — with Marwan Haddad, CEO & Co-founder, Hamza Shamsi, CAO and Tim Berstien, CTO of Katana Inu

Web3 Masterminds Ep 4 — with Nabi Klover, CMO of DePocket

Web3 Masterminds Ep 5 — with Electo, Ops & Engineering Dev of Abachi

Web3 Masterminds Ep 6 — with Maciej Szafarczyk, COO & Founder of Hololoot

Web3 Masterminds Ep 7 — with Long Le Tuan, Co-founder & CPO and Vu Nguyen, CMO of Himo World

Web3 Masterminds Ep 8 — with Franklin Peters, CEO of BoundlessPay

Web3 Masterminds Ep 9 — with Sash Jeetun, COO of Spherium Finance

Web3 Masterminds Ep 10 — with Vanina Ivanova, CDA of Ambire

Web3 Masterminds Ep 11 — with Ashish Agarwal, Co-founder of Lepasa

Web3 Masterminds Ep 12 — with Wahid Chammas, Director of Growth & Operations of Faith Tribe

Web3 Masterminds Ep 13 — Live with Vlad Faraon, Co-founder & CBO and Andrei Balaianu, Head of Development of Coreto

Web3 Masterminds Ep 14 — with Georgi Pepelyankov, Co-founder and Ronak Doshi, Co-founder & CTO of TKNZ

Web3 Masterminds Ep 15 — with Captain Light, Chief Producer of Light Year

Community Development

Our community grew multiple folds in Q1 2022, and we are excited for the future together. We had fun times together, and helping us name our community mascot quickly comes to mind. W3–4U was all you! Our art contest and partnership bounty campaign also brought us closer together.

We launched our local Telegram community campaign and Forward Inner Circle to connect Forwardians on different levels. The responses and applications have been overwhelming so far, and the reception in the communities motivates us to continue to deliver on our promises. Meet our local Telegram communities -

Technical Development

Over the first quarter of 2022, our tech team grew into double figures, including a new CTO, 8 new developers, and another in-house UI designer. Our development team has been hard at work to build the core smart contracts of Forward Protocol and prepare the essential functionalities of the Forward Factory and Forward Chain. Here’s the development progress report.

Proof of Ownership smart contract

Form Builder
  • The PoO smart contract is now deployable from the Forward Factory.
  • PoO currently has four variations of dynamically editable smart contracts.
  • The PoO child smart contracts that function based on ERC721 and ERC1155 standards are now complete.
  • Our developers and technical team have completed functional walkthroughs of our PoO smart contract and UI for various experts and organizations.
  • The first version of PoO will be EVM-based, with RUST-based support included in later versions.
  • We have completed the test cases for PoO child contracts.
  • The bulk minting feature is complete and available for end-users to switch from single mint to bulk mint functionality.
  • We finalized our PoO Factory UI design with our form for building, minting, setting royalties, admin, minter, and bulk minting.
  • We are currently testing the PoO smart contract for other EVM chains, including Reef, Polygon, KCC, OKC, HSC, ​​Neon, Scallop, Skale, and Metis.
  • The demo for the MVP with smart contract integration for single and multi-mint with UI is completed.
  • The metadata mapping on form-builder and PoO application exporting as API using OpenZeppline defender is completed.
  • The revamped form-builder with clear differentiation from single-mint and bulk-mint is developed.
  • The process of gasless minting at contract level is functional and ready.
  • The permissioned access of web pages for NFT holders is tested and completed.

Initial Value Offering smart contract

  • Functionalities like creating on-chain whitelisting and vesting schedules are added to the admin panel.
  • The KYC procedure for the upcoming IVO is initiated, with more than 5,000 KYC applications processed so far.
  • The NFTs sale function in the IVO module is developed, tested, and completed. It allows buyers to use their NFTs as access cards to view locked content.
  • The IVO for non-tokenized fundraising is developed, tested, and completed.
  • The IVO Forward Factory smart contract for the ERC20 standard is tested and completed.

Governance Portal

  • The Governance Portal is completed and ready to go live

Forward Factory

  • Registration, logging-in, and basic user authentication on Forward Factory are tested and completed.
  • The revenue model of the Forward Factory is created with multiple POC variations.
  • The KYC module is integrated, tested and ready to go live for the Factory users.
  • The initial revenue model designed with a ‘feeTo’ custom field will be provided, and admins can assign the addresses where fees are collected.
  • Developers are finalizing the secure bundle encryption method that end-users will export.
  • The MUI components of React are leveraged for UI implementation, so it matches Forward Protocol branding and design.
  • Designers have developed the mascot-guided UX for the entire Forward Factory UI to simplify onboarding.

Forward Chain

  • Thanks to the R&D team, the Forward Chain architecture was improved further and will include customizable subnets with a proposed factory approach.
  • In line with Forward’s mission of blockchain adoption, the cluster-chain approach used with different chain characters and use-cases within a single application with a unified meta-chain and on-chain cron are unique and useful for the entire blockchain community.
  • Forward Chain’s validators model is drafted and upgraded. Multiple large brands and governments have expressed informal interest to run on Forward’s subnets.

FUSD smart contract

  • FUSD smart contract is developed and deployed on the Ropsten testnet.
  • The logic for single-mint and multi-mint against other stablecoins for FUSD is complete.
  • The container with tab control for single, multi-coin, and inner input components for selecting and inputting coin amounts on the minting page is complete.
  • The application to mint and burn FUSD is complete.
  • In addition, FUSD minting and burning against BUSD and DAI were tested successfully.
  • FUSD smart contracts and mechanisms are now deployed.

Launchpad, Staking and Farming

LP Farming
  • LP farming, staking, and Go Forward launchpad are complete.
  • The dry run for staking, farming, and Go Forward is successfully prorated with time frames on multiple occasions.

Insights for Q2 2022

After hosting our token sale events last year to overwhelming success, we set a high standard for ourselves and our community. However, we have somehow exceeded these expectations and gone even further. The growth of Q1 2022 will act as inspiration for us as we go into a new period with excitement and optimism.

The team remains committed, the community remains driven, and the goal remains clear. We continue at full throttle to the mass adoption station!

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