2023 Unwrapped — Reflecting on A Year of Challenges, Resilience, and Forward Momentum in Web3

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5 min readDec 30, 2023

Are we there yet?

If you’re asking about the end of the year, of course, we are! And what a rollercoaster twelve months it was. From the down days in the crypto market to the hard grind in the lab, for a while, 2023 looked like a year of hard survival lessons and nothing more.

Through all the exhilarating highs and melancholic lows, we never stopped looking forward and making arrangements for sunnier days, and 2024 is already shaping up nicely for the Forward project. Even as we plan for future exploits, it’s never a bad plan to review the past for lessons to guide our present decisions.

We do not take the opportunity to occupy a leading position in the growth of the dynamic Web3 sector lightly. That is why we approach this annual milestone with a blend of gratitude and eagerness.

Attempting to communicate the essence of an entire year within a single article is no small feat. Fortunately, we do not back down when the going gets tough. We relish the opportunity to share the latest chapters of our story with you, our community.

Collaborating for Forward Moves

2023 taught us that it takes a community pulling in the same direction to reach the forefront of Web3 innovation, and we owed much of our success in 2023 to the communal effort that kept us purring forward throughout these last twelve months.

Chain Integrations

No-code Web3 adoption toolkits are meant to fit seamlessly with fast and reliable networks to allow users to leverage the unique advantages and premium features these networks offer. Currently, we have provided the infrastructure so that users can deploy dApp templates from the Forward Marketplace on over 800 networks.

This milestone was only achievable because of the pivotal chain integrations that we completed, opening our Web3 contingent to new opportunities and ecosystems.

We had some of our biggest moments when we announced our integrations with Brise Chain (Bitgert), REI Network, Aurora Chain, Telos Chain, Gnosis Chain, KCC Chain, Metis Chain, Boba Network, OKC Chain, Coreto Decentralized Reputation System (DRS), ThunderCore Chain, Rollux Chain (Syscoin), Rootstock Chain, Patex Chain, Linea Chain, IoTeX Chain, Fantom Chain, LightLink Chain, and Viction Chain.

Project Partnerships

Our 2023 story would be incomplete without the projects that made this year an exciting and rewarding time for us and our communities.

Special recognition goes out to LiqdNFT, Kima Finance, ArgosKYC, Star Protocol, Plena Finance, Mises, Stasis, Power Browser, DexCheck, and Gari Network for jumping on board and sticking with us throughout the year.

It gets even better in 2024, and we can’t wait to blaze new trails with you!

Forward Moves

The Forward project never stopped ticking in 2023, and we were rewarded with many high points that we thoroughly celebrated. We shared a lot of these moments with our community, and we are proud to bring them back in this year-end report.

Recalling these moments and reminiscing on the memories certainly brings back the goosebumps. In 2023, Forward —

Influencing and Contributing to Innovation

As blockchain became a global affair and Web3 networks spread to new territories, Forward retained its role as a prominent voice.

In 2023, our co-founders, Mitch Rankin and Mr. KEY, represented the Forward vision with excellence even as they simultaneously led the global Web3 charge.

They were at the biggest events, under the brightest spotlights, convening with elected officials and royal dignitaries alike. Their advanced knowledge and unique insights about this field made a difference for us and everyone who crossed their paths this year.

Here you go: Some of our best moments from 2023 —

Educating Web3 and the Blockchain

Education isn’t just a key — it’s the master key to level up society and boost our economic game.

Our co-founders were on an educational odyssey this year, churning out brain-tickling content and summoning their blockchain smarts to drop knowledge bombs on an attentive Web3 audience.

As part of our efforts to close the blockchain education gap, we used our social media channels to publish

  • 23+ episodes of Forward Factory
  • 32+ pieces of blockchain education content.

Visit our Medium and X channels to get up to speed with all the information we’ve arranged in bite-sized, easy-to-understand formats, especially for you.

Moving Forward in 2024

2023 was an exercise in making lemonade out of lemons, but it never fazed us because we always knew that we would need more than one day to build our version of Rome.

Thanks to the lessons we learned, the experiences we gained, and the Forwardians who joined us along the way. We know we are better equipped to face 2024. The thought of future milestones and successes we will get to celebrate together already has us over the moon!

We want to have you along for this new chapter. Join us on social media and become a member of the Web3 community that always wins!

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